What Can A Cosmetic Laser Do?

Hair Removal


Laser hair removal is one of the most popular laser treatments on the market today, rendering the razor completely worthless. 

Brown/Age Spot Removal


Roll the clock back with age spot removal or reduce sun damage. Create clear, youthful looking skin. 

Spider Vein Reduction


Unsightly leg or facial veins can be reduced or removed with the proper laser treatment, giving confidence back to the client. 

Fat Reduction


Trim some inches with lasers. There are a variety of different types of fat reduction lasers available from cold lasers to invasive ones. 

Tattoo Removal


Remove tattoos completely leaving clear, fresh skin. Or reduce their appearance to allow a cover-up. 

Skin Tightening


There are a variety of skin tightening methods from shallow to deep penetration. Stimulating collagen growth is a large part of this process. 

Laser Peels


Similar to a chemical peel, laser peels remove layers of skin to reveal new, fresh, and unmarked skin after healing. 

Toe Nail Fungus Treatment


Skip the prescriptions and use a laser instead to remove unsightly toe nail fungus.

Rosacea Treatment


Reduce red skin with lasers. Usually done completely painlessly, clients can experience confidence again. 

Acne Treatment


Many clients have tried everything and experienced little results. Laser acne treatment can give them their life back in a series of easy treatments. 

Birth Mark Removal


Remove a variety of different colors of birth marks. This can be a trickier treatment, but can give the client a new outlook on life. 

Scar Revision


Erase the marks of the past and help the body heal. Scar revision can be a great part of the process.